Find Out the Shocking Truth About Volume Enhancer

There are few organs in our body that can provide us with so much pleasure when they are working properly and yet so much stress when they are failing on us than the reproductive organ. This especially goes for men.

The health of a man is often not measured in how big muscles he has, how much he can run or how much consecutive push-ups he can do, but in how good he is in bed. If he is failing there, then no amount of push-ups, pull-ups or other exercise that he can do will matter one bit. He simply won’t see himself as a strong man.

Fortunately, this whole situation can be changed if you start using a sex enhancer like Semenax. One of the problems that a lot of men today have is that they are not able to ejaculate enough semen during sexual arousal. Because of this, their partner cannot be properly satisfied during sexual intercourse.

With the help of Semenax, however, a man can ejaculate a lot more semen than before, and can bring the climax to a whole new level for both him and her. This will make the whole sexual intercourse much more fulfilling for both of you.

I’ve been having pretty much the same problems until a few month ago, so I’ve decided to try it for myself. At first, Semenax did a very good job. I could definitely shoot more semen out when I needed to and my wife was getting more pleasure in bed “than for a long time”, were her exact words.

But not everything is so peachy when it comes to this product. Sure, it worked like a charm for me, but it is possible that you might experience some problems while you are using Semenax. This semen volumizer contains L-Arginine, which, although is a good natural cure for ED, can affect the growth hormone and can make you sensible to any problems that would concern this hormone. Another group that should take Semenax from CVS with a little more caution are hypertensive people. The reason for this is that L-Arginine may cause some dangerous, and even life-threatening side effects in this case. Some of the side effects that L-Arginine can cause are difficulty breathing, tightening of the chest, irregular heartbeat, bloating, etc.

Another ingredient of Semenax, L-Carnitine, also can cause some negative effects with the most common of them being trouble sleeping as it can make you restless. Also, it can cause loose bowel movement and vomiting.

There are also some other negative effects that you could experience while using Semenax. Because of this, it is very important to first consult with your doctor and determine beforehand whether it is safe for you to use this product or not. But don’t forget that, even if you are given permission from your doctor to use Semenax, you should still do it as per his instructions and to report any problems that you had while taking it.

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