Can Penis Pumps Help With Erectile Dysfunction?

The industry for sex life improvement is a large one. There are many competitors, many products, and many different devices available to consumers. Unfortunately, the industry has become so large that firms have resorted to dirty tactics to attempt to lure customers into spending their cash.

One of the commonly marketed devices available to help with both erectile dysfunction and penis size is referred to as a “penis pump”. Let’s be clear straight up – 80% of devices which advertise themselves as penis pumps do not actually work as directed. Manufacturers of these 80 percent either fail to incorporate the correct technology into the device, or simply market the product beyond the scope of use –

One Question Remains

So that leaves us with the question – do the remaining 20% of penis pumps actually work, and furthermore are they effective at treating the underlying root issues behind erectile dysfunction?

FDA Approved Penis Pumps

Amazingly, and much to people’s disbelief, there are a number of FDA approved penis pumps available on the market – which are specifically designed to assist with erectile dysfunction symptoms.

In general, they are capable of achieving the following things:

  • Improvement in blood circulation through penile tissue.
  • “Re-training” of the penis to keep the blood circulating for a longer period.
  • Allow cells to regrow and regenerate, resulting in better stimulation.

Side Effects of Penis Pump Use

Whilst FDA approved penis pumps are indicated for use one to 2 hours before sexual intercourse, many people use them at different times for different reasons.

One of the common uses for penis pumps is to increase the overall size of the erect penis. By providing a negative pressure to the tissue in the cock, cells are encouraged to regenerate and grow larger. This has a side effect of making deep penis as a whole appear larger.

Weighing Up the Costs and Benefits

Whilst this may be a pleasurable and seemingly useful side-effect for many people, it also needs to be kept in mind if you do not want to experience such an outcome.

The best thing to do is to discuss this with your doctor. If necessary, your GP is able to prescribe you an FDA approved penis pump through a pharmacy. If not, you will surely be able to find one in retail stores or online.