Can Young Men Suffer From Erectile Dysfunction?

When most people hear the phrase “erectile dysfunction”, they often picture someone who is in their late 50’s or 60’s, struggling to get it up when they are attempting to have an erotic experience with their partner.

Often, this is the case. It is a proven fact that men over the age of 55 are more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction, as a result of another underlying issue, such as cardiovascular disease or a circulation problem.

But this certainly doesn’t mean that the younger generation are completely immune from experiencing similar issues. Whilst many young people don’t need to worry about erection difficulties, the stresses and worries of modern day living are gradually creeping up with society and are beginning to affect younger and younger people.

What Age Can Erectile Dysfunction Begin

Ultimately, if you have been through puberty already, erectile dysfunction can present a problem at any time – additional info.

There are a few specific periods, which tie in with lifestyle adaptations and changes, where erection problems may be commonly experienced:

  • Early to mid 20’s (due to initial career stresses)
  • Late 30’s and early 40’s (mid-life issues – this has been well documented)

These two periods are where erectile dysfunction problems are most commonly diagnosed in young people.

As you can see, the two periods noted above have one thing in common – stress. You should never underestimate the effect that stress can have on your wellbeing. The fact of the matter is that erection and sexual difficulties are not the only manifestations of stress. There are actually a whole myriad of things which can go wrong in the body as a result of the constant release of stress hormones (cortisol).

How to Treat Young Erectile Dysfunction

In many cases, a simple discussion with the doctor will put your mind at ease, and allow you to reduce stress levels which may have been on the rise since you noticed that you were suffering from poor sexual performance.

However, in some cases, treatment is necessary. Usually, instead of throwing the patient straight on to a product such as Viagra or Cialis, a doctor will prescribe a natural product first to see if this is able to rectify the issue without the need for medical intervention.

Of course, if this fails, traditional pharmaceutical drugs may be necessary to get your sex life and erectile function back on track.