The Link between Stress and Erectile Dysfunction

It has been a long known fact that excess stress in the body causes a number of harmful health issues. From stomach upsets to muscle aches, fatigue to a lack of concentration, and even from cancer to stroke, stress and worrying is never good.

Another common side effect of excess stress is erectile dysfunction. Many people do not realise the link between these two factors, and therefore the stress is often disregarded in the diagnosis and analysis of erectile issues.

In this article, we will take a look at the stresses which commonly plague the human body, to see if we can find the psychological reasons behind the resulting erectile dysfunction issues.

The Effects of Relationship Stress

One of the worst types of stress when it comes to instigating erectile dysfunction – is relationship stress.

This includes the following things:

  • Tension between the partners.
  • Financial worries and stresses.
  • Disputes, arguments, and debates.
  • Jealousy, envy, etc.

Each of the above four reasons is a starting point for relationship stress. By focusing on reducing these underlying issues, erectile dysfunction can be minimised due to be reduction in relationship stress, and therefore the relaxing of the central nervous system on a daily basis.

Ultimately, this makes sense. If you are fighting with the person who you are supposed to be being intimate with, the likelihood is that the experience will not be fulfilling or stimulating.

Career & External Stress

Stress at work and pressure in the office is another common reason for low libido and erection issues.

People commonly worry about factors such as:

  • Overworking.
  • Balance of time between work and family.
  • Promotions and advancing within the organization.

Again, each one of these things alone can cause a negative effect on sexual performance in the home.

How to Reduce Stress & Improve Sexual Performance

Stress reduction and an improvement in sexual performance follow hand-in-hand. If you are able to incorporate stress reduction techniques, such as meditation, relaxation, and so on into your routine – you may find that you do not need to be treated for erectile dysfunction.

You may indeed find that an elimination of external stresses and arguments or conflicts within the relationship were the underlying reasons why you were suffering the sexual performance issues in the first place.