Do you have Erectile Dysfunction?

An erection is a very complicated process and all men have problems with erectile dysfunction at some point. But when should you start worrying and thinking about treatment?

If you are reading this, then that probably means you are already struggling with the problem and searching for a reliable erectile dysfunction treatment. When doctors diagnose ED, they are looking at the patient’s sexual performance in the last 3+ months. If problems with erections are reoccurring, then erectile dysfunction treatment might be necessary. The first thing that the doctor will want to know is whether the patient has a true erectile dysfunction or is suffering from loss of libido. Next, it is important to determine whether the ED is physical or psychological. If the patient still has involuntary erections such as during sleeping but cannot get erect during sexual situations, then the problem is usually related to stress or anxiety. Some physical causes are factors like smoking, poor circulation and strokes. Lab tests will be done to find the root of the problem. The good thing is that erectile dysfunction treatment is available, regardless of what is causing the problem.

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